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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Portfolio 22-July-2006

This is my first post. I made this blog with the intention to keep track of my own investment and also to share my investment experience with many retail investors like me out there. Appreciate comment / suggestion from everyone.

This week, I have sold out 500 units Genting @ RM23.70, which I bought at RM22.20 earlier on 16-Jun, making a small profit of ~5% (after deducting broker's comission). The reason I sold Genting is I am pessimistic on the overall economy, both local and global. I am expecting a recession to come very soon (in 6-12 months time). Hence, I will continue to sell down my portfolio whenever there is oppurtunity to make profit, even it is small. My target is to reduce my current share holding to only ~10%, with >90% cash in hand to invest later when market is low.

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