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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fixed Deposit Rate of Malaysia Commercial Banks

I am searching the best interest rate offered by various M'sia commercial banks to park my money temporarily and this is what I've found. I'm only interested in 3-months fixed deposit and sadly, despite increased of BLR, I still find they all unattractive. The highest rate offered by BCB and AmBank is merely 3.40%. At this rate, the current inflation level is probably higher!

Look likes I have to find another better investment vehicle to place my money. Unit trust (bond fund) and Maybank Gold Savings are under my consideration. However, need to do some homeworks on both of these options before I can decide. Otherwise, can someone recommend me any "real" defensive stock that can still generate reasonable return (from dividen and capital preservation) during bad time? I really doubt there is any.....

P.S: If one does not mind the miserly low interest rate of FD, I find that AmBank is the best Bank which offers the highest rate regardless of tenure. A thumb up to AmBank for beating all other banks flatly!

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