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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tenancy Agreement

I was very frustrating when for the first time I was able to let out my property without introduction by agent but couldn't find a good format of tenancy agreement to refer to. Because of that, I have to ask the renter to deal with my property agent. I'm not indicating that property agent is not important, in fact they are very useful for one to find potential renters in the shortest time. However, when luck strikes by, you definitely want to save the 1 month agent fee and do it all by yourself.

Also, I learnt that it was almost impossible for one that doesn't have any legal knowledge to draft out a proper tenancy agreement which is legally sounds and covers every aspects. Furthermore, many of the tenancy agreements found from Internet are not very relevant with common practices in Malaysia. As such, I hereby share a sample document of tenancy agreement that I have for reference.

Again, this document is strictly for reference purpose. By downloading this document, I presume that you have accepted and understood the disclaimer as below:

Disclaimer: This document is only for reference purpose. Please use it wisely base on your own judgment. I am not responsible for any legal dispute arises due to misuse of this document.

You can download the protected pdf version of the document from link
You are able to view and print but not allowed to copy or extract directly from the document.

The above link will only be available for another 30 days if there is no request for downloading. In case you are not able to obtain the document from the link, you are welcome to leave your email address in the comment section, chatbox or directly send me an email. I will be very happy to send it to you.

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