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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Portfolio 24-Sept-2006

Finally, I did pull up myself and do the portfolio review this week. I was busy on some other works for the past few weeks, which include developing my new found @ velo photo, heheee...

Well, back to stock investing, it was indeed a disappointing week for me. The value of my portfolio lost 1.46% or RM1228 compare to last week while KLCI gained 0.65%. The main losers were Tanjong and Magnum, which lost 2.29% and 1.41% respectively. Personally I think Tanjong has been oversold. There was no any new finalization on the IPA negiotiation yet and it seems that many investors were selling out Tanjong base on some romours. Although I did have some concerns on its certain businesses like the Germany Tropica Resorts, but I will likely to convert some other shares (e.g. YTLPWR-w) to Tanjong if its price drops further. As for Magnum, I have no plan to sell my stake as it still appears very attractive with its large cash reserve and continuos share buyback activities.

On the other hand, I guessed I have missed the oppurtunity to sell MTD at RM1.83 as targeted earlier. With its current price fluctuating at range RM1.70-1.80, it is unlikely that I am able to sell it without suffer some losses. I am just praying that there will be more new projects granted to MTD in near future so that its price can be lifted beyond RM1.80. I plan to hold it for another 1-2 weeks. Let's see...



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