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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Portfolio 19-Aug-2006

My stock portfolio value was up slightly by 0.49% (+RM378) this week compare to KLCI, which has fluctuated in tight range of 938-946 and ended 942 or down 0.03%.

Main gainer was BKAWAN, which gained 5.08% over the week. At current price of RM9.30, it is very close to my previously set target price RM9.50. Its quarterly report is due to be announced by end of the month, and hopefully another interim dividen will be declared. In view of current bullish stance on CPO price, I will hold BKAWAN at least until the coming earning announcement, and evaluate further whether to keep it for long term.

Another gainer was Tanjong. Tanjong has rebounced 3.85% from last week price of RM13.00. I am looking forward for its price to pass the level of RM13.80 in order to start reducing my stake on it. There is indeed very little foreseeable excitement laying ahead except hoping for continuous rise of KLCI and so its share price.

The biggest loser this week was Magnum, dropped 4.69%. On Monday, I have purchased another 3000 units at RM2.07, with speculation that its price will be pushed up further. However, that did not happen due to the lacking of share buyback activity. Magnum only did a share buyback on Friday. It is interesting to note that the share price on Friday was also being stirred up to highest RM2.09. To me, it is evident that if Magnum continued it share buyback campaign, its price will inevitably rise in tandem.

For next week, I will keep my eyes on AXREIT. I intend to accumulate more of the share before the budget announcement next month. Like many others, I believe government will revise the foreign tax holding for local REIT to encourage foreign investment. I am waiting to buy more AXREIT at price below RM1.73, which I hope it will reside from current level after the 6.2 sen dividen ex-date on 21-Aug.

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Blogger nik271 said...

Are you going to sell Bkawan since the price already touched MYR9.50 today. For myself i will hold and decide when its quarterly report out this month. I don't think the company will declare dividend this month but during 4Q2006 which is November 2006.

12:21 PM  
Blogger velo said...

Hi..nik271, yes I have the same idea as you, that is to hold until its quarter report is announced. Judging from MACD chart (with my little knowledge...hehee), i think the stock is still bullish and it maybe to early to take profit. :)

12:12 AM  
Anonymous larry said...

It's great how you share your portfolio here. Looks like you are heavy on the gaming stocks. At least if you do buy 4D, you are headging your bets :) I've been following the REITs a little myself but have not really go into it yet... waiting for the sector to increase in depth and have better quality properties to invest in.

4:17 PM  

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