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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Portfolio 09-Dec-2006

Week to week, my portfolio value gained 5.13% against KLCI rise of 1.71%, owing to the sharp increment of Magnum and Tanjong.

On Magnum, although I mentioned that I will consider to dispose partial of it when it reaches RM2.40 last week, it ended that I did not sell any. This is mainly because from technical point of view, the strong rise in price (passing my RM2.40 target) together with volume, in my opinion, should not be a short stint. I decided to hold it a bit longer.

Tanjong should reveal its quarterly earning in the coming week. For the past 2 quarters, Tanjong results have not been encouraging. As we approaching to the end of year 2006, I am also looking forward for the finalization of long dragging IPA issue. For these two reasons, I decided to put my bet on Tanjong and hold it until there are the announcements. Again, on the IPA matter, I strongly believe that Tanjong and others power providers will not settle on any severely disadvantage deal, base on the length of negotiation time taken.

On my bond fund, there is only a small negligible increment of 0.2-0.3% last week. It current value stands at RM51495.16, from RM50000 invested since early Sept.



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