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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Portfolio 20-Jan-2007

My portfolio underperformed KLCI this week, where KLCI rose 2.54% while my portfolio return dropped from 14.3% to 13.8%. This is mainly due to the lost suffered from AXREIT, which I am aggressively picking up the stock lately.

Along the week, I have also made 2 additional purchases of AXREIT, at 2000 units each time with price RM1.66 and RM1.62 respectively. The purchase at RM1.66 was a mistake, as I have keyed in wrongly the figure. My intended price to purchase was indeed RM1.62. Nonetheless, I was relieved that the cost of my stupid mistake was not huge. This serves as a lesson for me to be more careful when placing an overnight order in future. AXREIT will be announcing its quarterly result together with the half yearly income distribution very soon and I think that is the reason its share price jumped back to RM1.65 at the very last hour of trading on Friday. With expected half yearly income distribution of ~6 sen, the yield at RM1.62 is an impressive 7.4% p.a. I am confident that the stock will gain more attention from foreign investors as its liquidity being improved by public placing of 50 millions new shares in near future and along with the strengthening trend of RM.

As I am exiting the "bull" market slowly by shifting my holding in equity to more secured and stable instrument like REIT and bond fund, I am also considering setting up a small amount of "hit n run" speculative portfolio, say RM5,000 to RM10,000 and buy into volatile counters such as warrant or call warrant to take profit of the current bullish trend. It will be a very risky portfolio and fundamental of these stocks are not among the important selection criteria. I will be likely picking up counters that are very linked to the KLCI index and play with the fluctuation. As of current, I am still considering it and fighting with myself as how much money to set aside and willing to lose.

Will it be too late to enter market now? What is your say?



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