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Monday, December 11, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Since there is only 3 weeks left for year 2006, I figure that it is wise now to start setting my next year resolutions. For the sake of matching the theme of this blog, I will only discuss my investment resolutions here. Nevertheless, I do agree with many others that life is not just about money, there should be many other things more to achieve and do while alive.

Well, while having other personal resolutions, I think that, sincerely, all those listed here are the most direct and perhaps easiest goals for me to execute and achieve.... hahaaa. Reasons? I think I have a clear mind what to do with my investment and next year is a cautious year for me, thus I have no aggressive goal. Oh yeah, it is also because I need to put more efforts into my other more complicated personal resolutions....hehee...

So, there are only 3 main goals for my investment next year:
1) Achieve 10% nett return for equity, bond and cash that are set aside for investment
2) Maintain 4% nett return on property
3) Increase RM50k on my net worth

On my first goal, I need to boost my return as much as possible before end of 1H 2007. I reckon that when I switch from equity to bond fund in the 2nd half of the year, my expected return will likely less than 10%. In addition, the target of 10% return is including the cash that I will allocate for investment. Hence in term of actual value, I am targeting to achieve roughly RM20k yield. Unfortunately, I am not ready to share all my investment details yet. I feel more comfortable to leave some privacies on the amount of cash and other personal net worth I have at this point of time. My apologize for that. Specifically on stocks, I am targeting to gain additional RM10k by end of June '07, before cashing out from KLSE and settle to 10:90 of equity to bond ratio.

For my second goal, I need to start looking for new tenant after March next year as the current one will end in June. I cannot afford to leave vacant for more than a month with the property, unless I can find a new tenant myself and save on the additional 1 month commission to agent. My strategy is to talk to my current tenant next year and pay him some money if he can find me a new tenant as soon as his one ends. I expect that will be easier for a foreign student to get his pals to rent my place than scouting for new one myself.

On my last goal, its success is really depended on how well I can execute my first and second goals. If I managed to achieve the first 2 goals, that will only leave me roughly RM25k to grow. From my past record, it is not too difficult. With some salary increments factored in, all I need to do is maintain my current level of life style and minimize the big ticket purchases, especially purchase of those "nice-to-have" tech toys... hahahaaa.

Last but not least, along the course of making money, we must not forget to give back bits and bites to the society. Hence, it is one of my small resolutions next year to donate 2% out of my net worth growth back to the charity and people in need. Also, I would like to declare that all income generated from this blog (thanks to all my readers) will be donated out. Hopefully I will receive my first AdSense paycheck in next year and to all my fellow readers, please let me know by then your choice of charity to donate to!



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