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Monday, March 12, 2007

Portfolio 10-Mar-2007

With the recent rebound of KLSE, my overall portfolio value also goes up by ~1.8% or RM 1630 compare to last week.

Along the week, I made a contra trade on Genting-ca. I bought 10 lots of Genting-ca on Monday with price 70 sen and sold it on Thursday at an average price RM1.16. It was never intended to be traded in such a short time, and the idea of contra play did not ever strike across my mind when I picked up Genting-ca. All just happened spontaneously, following the strong rebound of market. To me, at 70 sen, I strongly feel Genting-ca is a very good bet (there was no big fundamental change at that time and only some negative speculation on spread) and at ~RM1.20, I also think it's value is near saturation. To me, it was a psychological battle against the majority who drives the KLSE trend. Buying the call warrant is my strategy to leverage the amount of my bet. Besides, I really do not think that Genting will drop the ball of Sentosa casino business that was already in its hands. It will be such a hard slap on its face if that happens.

Moving forward, I foresee that KLSE will be very volatile. Genting-ca was my first trade in my "hit n run" portfolio. At this point of time, I do not intend to share and maintain a second portfolio here as I have no time to update it frequently. The amount allocated for this other portfolio is around RM 10k, which is the money that I am willing to lose. It will be a high risk investment as my strategy is generally to go against the big market trend. I will pick up over sold, good value, high liquidity counter that has strong market correlation and sell it out when market stabilized. I am not sure how many more cycle of correction will the market be undergoing before it reaches the peak and / or it starts melting. As of now, I think the market is still in uptrend and it will be quite safe to bet if there is another round of correction to come. In view of the limited fund size, I will also likely to concentrate more on warrant or call warrant. Currently, stocks on my radar are such as Bursa-cb, TA-wb, Megan and of course Genting-ca.

Tanjong has slowly regained its lost over the last few trading days. Again, I am looking forward to sell out the remaining 1,000 units if it reaches RM15.50. I am actually quite regret that I did not sell all when it was ~RM16.00, not very long ago. While for the others, especially on Magnum (but exclude all REITs), I will hold on until the very last days of first half of the year, in hope for the market peak.

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